Winterfest 2020 Information

All the info you need for this weekend is on this page.

****Space is limited this year…we are going with the Florissant Church. If the bus fills up before Jan 22, we will start a waiting list. ****


February 14-16, 2020


  • Students Grades 6-12
  • Adult chaperones (must submit to a background check)
    • At this point, we have enough chaperones…let Mike know if you’d like to be put on the list.


  • ADULT CHAPERONES – please be at the building at 4:30 AM
  • TEENS – Be at the building by 4:45 AM Friday morning
      • Make sure you’ve eaten or that you have your breakfast with you!
      • PUT YOUR OWN LUGGAGE IN THE CARGO BAY (below the bus)- keep your carry on items – including MEAL MONEY for stops. Take your pillows, money, and anything you will need for the trip with you on the bus and go into the church building.
      • Use the bathroom before you get on the bus!
    • We should be back by around 9 PM on Sunday night.
      • We will have students call parents when we are 3-4 hours away in Paducah.
      • PARENTS: Our adults have to get home so they can go to work the next morning, please try to be aware of return times posted on twitter or text messages so everyone can get home in a timely manner. Unless we hit unexpected traffic or weather, we are usually within 10-15 minutes of projected times 4 hours out.
      • Students will not be dismissed until the bus is cleaned out and Mike & the driver give the OK—parents please help us with this.

Communication – Parents can keep up to date with any changes, etc.

  • To check our status (This is how we will communicate with parents.)
    • Students CLICK HERE to sign up for the Winterfest Text Group
    • Parents CLICK HERE – you will get the same information as students except you will not receive all the group communication while we are on the trip.
    • You are welcome to text me – 317.796.8720 – or another adult- we will respond as quickly as we can.
      • When calling chaperones or kids please remember:
        • There are sparse areas where cell phone coverage may not work. This is especially true in the Convention Center.
        • Texting may be more effective as we will get a text after we get back into cell coverage
        • We may be in session and unable to immediately return a call.


  • Bath Towel!!! While there are some in the condo…they are very thin and will most likely be used by someone else
  • Blanket/Pillow – Several in each room will want to bring a blanket or sleeping bag and pillow. We will be packed in pretty tight!
  • Meal Money – 8 meals (eat breakfast before you come or bring it with you on the bus WE ARE NOT STOPPING FOR BREAKFAST until later morning)
    • Can bring cereal bars, etc for breakfasts (Sat & Sun) if you want to sleep in or save money.
    • Can bring your OWN food for any or all meals
      • Fridge, Microwave & toasters available.
      • DO NOT plan on using STOVE!!!
    • Can eat fast food all weekend
    • ??? Saturday night $5 – order pizza & drinks – depending on final schedule, this may or may not be a possibility.
  • $ for souvenirs (not necessary)
  • Gadgets – remember, they are easy to get lost or stolen – it’s your responsibility to keep up with them.
    • Phones – OFF or silenced during sessions and group devo
    • Phones/iPods/Music – ONLY during “quiet time” on the bus AND bedtime (see more below)
      • not any other time during the day (including free time)
      • disregarding will get the iPod confiscated for the weekend!!!
    • You can bring a portable speaker – as long as your music is suitable for youth group
    • Portable game systems like Gameboys, DS, etc can be out if you’re playing it with someone else but no earphones


  • Please remember – we will have as many as 40 people attending this trip. It is important that you listen. It is important that you follow the rules. They are made to make it the best possible trip for everyone.
  • AS USUAL on ALL of our trips – no earphones as a general rule. We will have a “quiet time” during the first few hours Friday when they can be used but generally, you will be asked to put them away. You can play your playlist over the bus speakers if you like—and everyone agrees it’s good music.🙂
  • It is important to stay together when we are heading into sessions. Our group will sit together. No, you may not sit with people from other groups. Someone from another group may sit with us if there is room.
  • SNACKS – yes – bring them
    • There is a fridge and microwave available.
  • BUS
    • Inside voices
    • 2 stops – bathroom on board – use the bathroom only in an emergency – especially on the way there!
    • Only plastic bottles with screw-on caps
  • REST
    • We WILL be up late Friday night and Saturday night
    • Lights Out means – SLEEP!
  • GROUPS & free time
    • Middle Schoolers must be with an adult at all times
    • High Schoolers must be in groups of 5 or more.
    • No guys in girl rooms or girls in guy rooms
      • The exception will be during free time in the COMMON ROOM (TBA)
    • ONLY BRING WHAT YOU CAN CARRY IN 1 TRIP to and from the bus!
    • If you bring something illegal, do something illegal, or ignore chaperone instruction you may be sent home (via Greyhound) immediately at your parents’ expense.


Except for a mission trip, Winterfest is one of our most costly events. Ask anyone who has gone and you will get a resounding “It’s worth it!”  If the cost is prohibitive, please let Mike know and we will find a way together.

Please read all of this for some very important info on signing up.

As always, cash or check is accepted. You may also pay with credit card but must pay in full and pay a $5 convenience fee. Please put your money or check in an Event Envelope and give to Mike.

Payment Options

  • REGULAR COST = $180 (cash or check)
  • EARLY BIRD OPTIONS (by Jan 22).
    • Pay IN FULL by Jan 22 – $170 (cash or check)
      • Pay IN FULL by Jan 22 – $175 (credit card)
    • Pay NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit of $100 ASAP – to guarantee a spot BY Jan 22 (cash or check – credit card not available for this option)
      • Final balance of $70 due by Wednesday, February 5

Make sure you do ALL FOUR things to confirm your spot:

  1. Download, fill out, sign and return Medical Release Form (come back here and fill out #2)
  2. teenEPIC Student Info Form – fill this out  (come back here and fill out #3)
  3. CLICK HERE to sign up
  4. Turn in full payment or Deposit to Mike ASAP (Use Event Envelopes if possible)


YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE YOUR BUS SEAT in the order you sign up (step 3) as long as steps 1,2, & 4 are done by the early registration deadline (JANUARY 22) – after that it will be the order you last piece of info is turned in.

Important Links

  • Download, fill out, sign and return Medical Release Form
  • teenEPIC Student Info Form – fill this out online
  • School Letter – not all schools require one but just in case.
  • Students CLICK HERE to sign up for the Winterfest Text Group (parents do not sign up for this or you may receive texts throughout the trip – including late nights).
  • Parents CLICK HERE – you will get the same information as students except you will not receive all the group communication while we are on the trip.