Small Groups Welcome

Welcome Small Group Leaders

Welcome back to a regular routine! Thank you so much for agreeing to be a small group leader for this semester. Your involvement in our teens’ lives is vital to their spiritual growth. I pray that you will be equally encouraged by what is offered back to you. Please know that I am praying for you and I ask that you pray for me as we walk this amazing journey of influencing the lives of our teens.

Our Wednesday nights give rhythm and continuity to building relationships with Christ and creating community within the youth group. Fall is an exciting time. Everything is starting fresh at school, the weather is usually great, and excitement comes naturally. As the school year begins, we want to build on the natural excitement. This fall our small groups will once again be a vital part of our Wednesday night program. Our groups have been strategically put together to facilitate leadership among teens, provide opportunity for growth of community within the group, and of course help encourage spiritual formation for students and adults alike. Our middle school and high school are interspersed to encourage leadership to be taking place among our teens – especially juniors and seniors – and to help model what spiritual growth looks like for our younger students.

I would like to raise the bar this year for our adult leaders. Some of this already takes place but I want to help by giving you some clear objectives. Studies show that more and more teens are leaving the church when they leave home. However, if there are maturing Christian adults invested in those students during their high school years (at least 5 but the more the better), the likelihood of those young adults engaging in their own faith greatly increases. We have approximately 30-40 students in (and around) the Lafayette Church of Christ Youth Group. Obviously, I cannot connect with each student – I do my best to know all the teens on some level but it is impossible for me to have a deep relationship with them all. This is where you come in. By spending just a little time with them each week, you are able to speak truth and wisdom into their lives. For some of them, it may be one of the only positive encounters with an adult all week.

Click Here for some objectives and tools for you to consider as we move forward this fall. Please consider how they can help you be a better small group leader. 

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