The most effective tool that the church has of reaching the next generation is parents.  Today’s culture can be overwhelming as a teen AND as a parent.  teenEPIC Youth Ministry partnering with families to help parents become equipped for raising students who are formed in the image of Christ – not just a good church-goer.  Youth group participation is just a very small fraction of the Spiritual Formation process.  What goes on at home has a much greater impact than any youth group meeting, retreat, Winterfest or camp can ever have.  This section will continue to grow as we share resources.  Make sure you check back often.

Class 5 – Pornography

Class Recording

Inforgraphic – How Pornography Affects the Teenage Brain

Gateway Porn Article

Websites for Parent Resources

Family Online Safety Institute


Center for Parent and Youth Understanding


Parent Pages from the Center for Parent/Youth Understading (CPYU.org)