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Mini-Mission – Breadshed – Update

Hey everyone, I hope you’re ready for the Mini-Mission (7/8-7/9). First off there’s been a slight change in our leaving time!!!  We will not leave the building until 1 PM!  If you already had plans to be here at 12 and can’t change them, that’s fine, you can […]

July is Mission Month!

In addition to our Mini-Mission for Middle School (it has also been opened up for high school), our High Schoolers (those going into 9th through graduates) will have the opportunity to participate in Mission Mondays! We will stay local and find ways to help in various ways.  We […]

Mini-Mission – Middle School

We have a couple of spots left for high school – if you would like to go, please see Mike. Our Middle Schoolers (just completed 6th-8th) will be going to Poplar Bluff to work with an organization called Bread Shed where will help pass out food for local […]

2016 teenEPIC Float Trip

UPDATE – 6/16 CLICK HERE to sign up for texts about this trip! BRING LIST – IT’S HOT – BRING Fresh bottles of water $ for meal on the way home snacks, Lunch (in waterproof bags) waterproof sunscreen sun glasses hat dry towel (keep in van) change of clothes […]

Movies & Interns!

If you weren’t at Youth Group on Wednesday night, here are the details for our Movie Out on Sunday. Our interns will be starting this Sunday (CLICK HERE to find out more about them) so we will hang out at the movies Sunday afternoon with them.  Meet at […]

Summer 2016

Meet our Summer 2016 Interns Meet Sarah and Stephen!  We’re looking forward to an awesome summer together!  Get to know them via Instagram, Facebook or send them an email!   Sarah Dodd email –            Facebook        Instagram My name is Sarah Dodd. I’m […]