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KidsFest – HELP!!!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Now that summer is nearly here, we need to make sure we have the help we need for Kidsfest!   Please CLICK HERE and sign up as a volunteer.  Kidsfest is an awesome event that Lafayette does to serve our community and share Jesus.  We […]

Habitudes – Half-Hearted Kamikaze

A Kamikaze is someone who (whether for good or evil) puts everything into  one purpose.  When we follow Christ, we are called to give up everything.  Tonight is our last Habitude.  Join us as we talk about following Christ without reservation!  See you tonight – 7 PM at teenEPIC!

Habitudes – Pop Quiz

Usually we try to run from tests, but being tested by God can be a good thing!  As you lead you will find that the Lord tests you.  This is evident in the lives of many Biblical characters, perhaps none so much as Abraham. 

Blue Like Jazz

Reviews for parents to read:  Blue Like Jazz Movie Review on Plugged In Online. Breakpoint Review In the recent “Sticky Faith” class we finished in Sr. High, I referenced the book now made into movie “Blue Like Jazz”.  The  movie opens tomorrow (4/13) in a limited number of […]