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Thursday Throwdown #5- Paint Wars- 7/9/15

Upon popular request, we will be re-vamping a past event of playing around in paint into something even more exhilarating… PAINT WARS! We will divide everyone up into two tribes and play a series of games involving, well, paint! It’s going to be a messy blast and will […]

Thursday Throwdown #3- Jurassic World- 6/18/15

The rain and everyone’sĀ intense desire to see dinosaurs duke it out on the big screen have combined into switching our Thursday Throwdown from going to the zoo to see real animals to going to the theater to see genetically enhanced dinosaurs. We will be attending the 11:15 showing […]

Thursday Throwdown #2- Bowling- 6/11/15

This Thursday we will be putting our extreme bowling talents to the test. We will convene at West County Lanes at 9:45am to lace up our shoes (please bring SOCKS) and begin bowling promptly at 10am until noon. The alley is giving us a great deal, so 2 […]

Thursday Throwdown #1- Game Day

This coming Thursday, May 28th, we will have our first Thursday Throwdown of the summer! We will have an event as a youth group nearly every Thursday of the summer ranging from movie watching to museum visiting to the zoo to game days at the church. If you […]