teenEPIC Education

The Education Program within the teenEPIC Youth Ministry is the primary tool we use to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Below is information concerning our curriculum and education in the youth ministry at Lafayette. As we move forward the hope is that as students hear parents asking questions and talking about what they are hearing in class on Sunday and Youth Group on Wednesday, it will reinforce the ideas that the principle of following Christ should be lived out on a daily basis.

Our Wednesday night gatherings (Youth Group) are the cornerstone of the youth ministry at Lafayette (teenEPIC). Each week is designed to be relational in nature. We have the group divided into smaller groups with two adult leaders. Each group of about 10 has a spectrum of students in middle school through high school. This is where students interact with Scripture, one another, and adult group leaders on a weekly basis. These three “ingredients” are key in helping students to begin to develop their own faith, an important factor in a long-term pursuit of following Christ. The high schoolers have the opportunity to practice leadership throughout the years while the middle schoolers learn what it means to dig deeper into scripture while also figuring out social norms that come with being a Christian teenager. During the summer, our groups take a break. Mike and the interns do a variety of devotionals and classes.

Our Sunday morning gatherings (Bible Classes) are generally divided between Middle School and High School. Each group studies age appropriate material that digs deep into the Word with a practical application every Sunday.

Please let me know if there is anyway we can better help your family benefit from and engage in the youth ministry at Lafayette.  – Mike