EPIC Youth Group

Encourage Others – Service Project

Aaron Walling is a family friend of the Limburgs and a US Navy chaplain serving on the USS Somerset. He needs our help to encourage the crew as they are deployed.

We have an awesome opportunity to serve those who are helping keep us safe. Katherine Limburg is heading up a service project to encourage some of our military servants. This isn’t just a random group of soldiers, Aaron Walling is a personal friend of the Limburgs.

From Katherine:

My dad’s best friend, Aaron Walling, is a Navy chaplain on the USS Somerset.  He works to help the Marines and Navy soldiers have a better connection with God, but he also helps them to feel less lonely when they’re out at sea.  They are currently out at sea, and will be over the holidays.  Aaron has reached out and let us know about how a lot of the soldiers get homesick and lonely.  He’s asked us if we could send care packages with snacks, fun things, and most importantly, notes in them that the soldiers would enjoy.  We have to work quickly, though, because the package needs to be sent by the end of the month so that it reaches them in time.

So here’s what we’re going to do: On October 24, we will be putting together “Care Bags” for Aaron to hand out. We will also take some time to write some notes to the sailors. We will supply the bags and writing materials. If you would like to bring small stuff that will fit into a quart-sized bag, that would be great – we will also provide some items as well. You could also donate some money to help buy some items if you’re not sure what to get or don’t have time – please contact Mike if you would like to donate money. Questions about other details can be directed to Katherine.

We are working on specifics of what you can put in the bags. Think small and non-perishable. If you want to bring some candy, make sure it doesn’t melt. You might think outside the box and get something that isn’t candy but that would brighten someone’s day – especially around the holidays.

Aaron’s wife, Carolyn, has a note below that can help you get a better idea of what we’re trying to accomplish. This has the potential to turn into a larger project in the future if you all are interested.

Several of you have asked me along the way how you can support the military through Aaron. Well, we finally have come up with an opportunity! We brainstormed and came up with a fun idea for individuals or groups to do and that will be very appreciated by the sailors and marines. Being at sea can be isolating and knowing people out there really do care and support them is pretty important. So, we are going to put together some “Care Bags” that Aaron can hand out. Quart sized ziplocks will be a good size to fill. They can be filled with lots of different small things. I have a list of ideas of things to include if this is something you are interested in doing. You can do a lot or a few, with a group of people working together or just your family. To be sure they make it to the ship by the holidays, there is a pretty early ship date that will need to be met, but even if you can’t get them there by the holidays they will be welcome at any point. He will hand these out to those who might just need a little pick me up or that don’t regularly get packages from home. -From Aaron’s wife, Carolyn

Plan on signing up to come help on Sunday, October 24, 4-6 PM. The Youth Group announcement and signup will come next week.