EPIC Youth Group

The Study Break

For the Senior High, on Tuesday the 26th from 7-8pm in the Teen House, as a part of our 2nd and 4th Tuesday rotation, we will be using this Tuesday to refocus ourselves and getting to know ourselves and each other a little better.

Staying busy and pushing forward has become an ingrained part of our rhythm. The last Tuesdays of each month are geared more towards appreciating and understanding exactly where we are in the present through the Bible and through our experiences. Not pushing forward but taking a moment in our schedule to stand still. You are more than welcome to bring your friends. Oreos and Milk will be provided. No signup necessary.


  • Who: Senior High and friends
  • When: Tuesday the 26th from 7-8pm
  • Where: Teen House
  • What: A night of reflection on the Bible and our experiences that will help us understand and better appreciate our presence in the present. This is meant to be a break from the go go go mentality and just become more comfortable being still. Also there will be Oreos. No signup necessary.