Tuesday Cheese/Tuesday Devo

We are about to role out something new for the High Schoolers on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. We are going to start a rotation of Tuesday Cheese and Tuesday Devotional. Tuesday Cheese is meant to be a fun, relaxing, chill hangout/game night. Tuesday Devo is meant to be a very informal coming to the table either in the EPICenter or local coffee shop and cracking open the Word of God.

Our first shindig is on Tuesday 2/12/19 from 7pm-8pm, Peyton Buehrer and Garrett Bender are hosting Cheese Night at the EPICenter. Yes, we will have sharp cheddar and crackers. Yes, we will have candles and soothing music. Yes, we will be hanging out and playing games. Yes, you can invite your friends. No, there is no sign-up required. Yes, if 15 teens come Garrett will attempt a cartwheel. Yes, Garrett also has health insurance.


First Shindig

  • When: Feb. 12 from 7-8PM
  • Who: High Schoolers+Friends+Garrett+Peyton
  • What: Tuesday Cheese
  • Where: EPICenter


  • When:
    • Feb. 12 and 26
    • Mar. 12 and 26
    • April 16 and 30
    • All from 7-8pm
  • Who: High Schoolers+Friends+Garrett+Various Chaperones
  • What: Tuesday Cheese and Tuesday Devo
  • Where: EPICenter, unless instructed otherwise


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