Youth Group


Reminder: As was announced in worship on Sunday, there will be no classes, youth group, or other meetings at Lafayette tonight. Rather than being a “taker” tonight, as we are learning in our study of Acts, Christians approach the world differently from those who do not believe in the resurrected Christ. Find ways to give tonight – find ways to bless others – find ways to be light tonight so that God is glorified. See you Sunday! – Mike

Below is a note giving further vision as what we can be doing tonight:

Our discipleship rhythms at Lafayette include gathering, scattering, and resting. While The Middle (our Wednesday night classes) is an important element of our gathering rhythm, we also recognize that this Wednesday, October 31st is a prime time that the majority of our neighbors themselves will be scattering, interacting, and sharing community together. Rather than gathering for The Middle this week, then, we encourage Lafayette members to scatter and to be a positive, neighborly presence in our communities.”

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