LTC – Bible Quiz Update

Please note the following information from Shawn Stone about LTC Bible Quiz:

Hello parents and Bible quiz participants, 

We should now be in the 4th week of the reading of 1st Samuel…Chapters 13-16 (If they are using the schedule I suggested).    
Parents, if they are not on track, please encourage them to continue their reading. 
We will be gathering as a group on Sunday afternoon, 2/25,   Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. 2/28  and again on Wednesday, 3/7 at 6:00 p.m.  The Sunday time will be a little flexible based on the other LTC activities.   I also understand that Wednesday evenings that early are difficult for some with work so just do what you can.  
During the 2/25 gathering, I will hand out a Q&A guide they can begin to self-pace completing.   They need to be turned in to me by March 11th, Sunday morning.
If you want to help them get a head start….go to this link as there are coach/mentor guides you can use.  Thanks.
Please note:  there still seems to be confusion with some parents on Bible Bowl vs Bible Quiz based on texts and emails being passed.   We are not coaching the Bible Bowl.  If a participant desires to do the Bible Bowl(and we have several who are), that is great but it is self-directed by the parent and participant.   Bible Bowl questions and answers can be found on the MWLTC site.     
We are doing the Bible Quiz challenge and also changing the format slightly for our needs.   

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