EPIC Youth Group


Can you believe it’s time to start signing up for LTC???!!!

Below is all the info you should need to get started!  CLICK HERE to sign up and get going! 


What is LTC

Leadership Training for Christ is a conference that is held every year all around the year throughout the country.  LTC trains our children to identify their gifts and to nurture and foster leadership qualities.  This is done through participation in various events that appeal to your child.  There are pre-convention events as well as events that take place at the convention.


  1. Fosters deeper relationship among youth, families, church
  2. trains our youth for leadership
  3. fosters more involvement within the body of Christ
  4. gives opportunity for mature adults to speak into the lives of our youth

What are the events

  1. Preconvention (do not HAVE to attend event in Indy)
    1. Children’s Book
    2. Christian Essay
    3. Christian Fiction
    4. Christian Poetry
    5. Short Film
    6. Video Bible Drama
  2. Challenge Events (do not HAVE to attend event in Indy)
    1. Bible Class Teaching Challenge
    2. Bible Quiz Challenge
    3. Bible Reading Challenge
    4. Bulletin Board Challenge
    5. Mentoring Challenge
    6. Outreach Challenge
    7. Scripture Challenge
    8. Service Challenge


  1. Display Events
    1. 2D Art
    2. 3d Art
    3. Bulletin Boards
    4. Photography
    5. Scrapbooks
    6. Textiles
  2. Convention Events
    1. Bible Bowl (FRIDAY NIGHT)
    2. Bible Reading (3rd-6th only)
    3. Bible Story Telling
    4. Group SInging
    5. Interpreting & Signing for the deaf (different levels)
    6. Live Modern Christian Drama
    7. Puppets
    8. Song Leading
    9. Speech
    10. Spoken Word



When is LTC – April 14-15, 2017


Where is LTC – Marriott Indy East, Indianapolis, Indiana.

  1. Every Family Unit is responsible for making their own reservations.
  2. See the MWLTC.net  website for hotel and reservation information
  3. Make sure you ask for the MidWest LTC rate
  4. Be mindful that Indianapolis is on Eastern Time Zone (add an hour to your clock)


What are some things I need to know?

  1. This is a family event
  2. Easter Weekend (starts the evening of Good Friday)
  3. Family event
  4. Practices are important and need to be a priority
  5. Bible Bowl is Friday Night
  6. Parents will need to sign up for
  7. Saturday – can usually make it back in time for Sunday


What we need from you.

  1. Register!  Online at teenepic.org/ltc
  2. If you participate in Convention events (Singing, Drama, Puppets, Bible Bowl) -you (your child) are expected to be at all practices on Sundays following Bible Classes (bring your lunch) – detailed schedules will be announced when we know participation levels for events.
  3. Make your reservations for room – Early rather than later (you can always cancel or change)
  4. Be prepared to serve as a judge or door monitor at the event – We will be communicating information about this at a later date.
  5. If we experience behavior issues during the practices, we may need you to help manage your child because coaches need to stay focused on the event preparation.
  6. Work with your child on events that need individual growth. (Bible Bowl, Scripture Reading, Song leading, puppets, etc.)
  7. Please be courteous to our coaches and plan on picking up your child no later than the advertised end time.
  8. Important Dates: Please check dates with your personal and school calendars for before making commitments.

LTC Important Dates


  • January 8 – 1st practice
  • Jan 15, 22,29
  • Feb 5, 12, 19 (Juniors will practice)  26
  • March 5, 12, 19, 26
  • April 2, 9

Vital Dates

  • Nov 6 – LTC Meeting (New Families and 3rd-6th Grade Families/Participants)
  • April 9 – LTC Sunday – Congregational Presentation
  • April 12 – Dress Rehearsal – No official Youth Group
  • April 14-15 – LTC Indy
  • April 30 – LTC Celebration


Lead Team –  ltc.lafayettechurch@gmail.com


Sr  Coordinator – Whitney – davewhitney1@att.net

Jr Coordinator – Krista – charliesangel522@yahoo.com

Church and Registration Coordinator – Kara Limburg – kmlimburg@yahoo.com

Communication Coordinator – Shawn Stone – sstone6976@aol.com

Celebration (and Registration) Coordinator – Sherri – sstone315@aol.com

Coordinator of Coordinators  – Mike Brown – mike@teenepic.org




 Coach Coordinators – Whitney & Krista


Bible Bowl – Cheryl –  need a helper

Chorus – Whitney

Drama – Whitney

Puppets – TBA

Bible Reading Challenge –  TBA

Service – TBA

Speech – Ed Tritschler

Jr. Puppets – Krista

Jr. Chorus – Krista – Bailey and ?

Song Leading – TBA

Video Bible Drama – Malachi – Mike

Scrapbook – Laura Dolan