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Harding Bison Days 2016

greatathardingSENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES – There has been enough interest that we will be taking a trip to Bison Days at Harding this fall. (If there’s enough interest – usually 4-5 students – in going to Lipscomb, Oklahoma Christian, or another Christian School in the Spring let me know now and we’ll plan it!)

The dates are October 27-October 30.  We will leave on Thursday, October 27 at 4:30 PM from the Lafayette parking lot.  We should return by 6 PM on Sunday, October 30.  The cost is $65 ($55 for Bison Days Registration and $10 for transportation) and includes transportation, lodging, meals while on campus, a Bison Days T-shirt, football game, and other Bison Days activities.  Here is a link to the schedule of events for the weekend.

You will be sleeping in dorms (on the floor usually).  You will need a sleeping bag, pillow, TOWEL and washcloth plus your clothes (including Sunday clothes and toiletries).  You will need money for meals on the way there and back (dinner on Thursday and possibly lunch OR dinner on Sunday)

To go, you must sign up for transportation below and pay your $10 by no later than Sunday, October 18.  YOU MUST ALSO REGISTER WITH HARDING (where you will pay $55 when you register) by CLICKING HERE (Register soon before they run out of spots, you cannot go if you are not registered with Harding because you will not have have food or a place to sleep).

If you go with the youth group, you MUST participate in ALL Bison Days activities including the campus tour, class visits, football game, etc. You can also participate in the 5K Run/3K Walk if you like.


  • Would you like to stay in a campus dorm? Yes
  • With a member of your group?  (this means you must ask the other person if they want to room with you – if you ask them and they are with someone else, you may not have a partner) – you put their name and number – make sure they are attending Bison Days
  • With a current Harding student?  If you check YES – make sure you contact that person BEFORE you put their name down – they may have already agreed to keep other people – DO NOT ASSUME – let me know if you want to stay with a Lafayette student but don’t know anyone well enough to ask.
  • Name of Chaperones:  Mike Brown, Cell: 317.796.8720
  • Total Number of Guests in Party:  Ask Mike

Space is limited on the van so sign up early. We must have at least 5 students go on the trip.

Register for Transportation 

(make sure you press SUBMIT at the bottom of the form)

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