EPIC Youth Group

Mini-Mission – Breadshed – Update

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re ready for the Mini-Mission (7/8-7/9).

First off there’s been a slight change in our leaving time!!!  We will not leave the building until 1 PM!  If you already had plans to be here at 12 and can’t change them, that’s fine, you can help pack!

We will still plan on being back by  or before 4 PM on Saturday!

Don’t forget your $30

This is a simple trip.

  • We’re hanging out tomorrow afternoon and playing in the creek and eating dinner.
    • Bring a swimsuit and beach towel
    • We are stopping at Walmart for sandwiches, chips, drinks, etc.  (This meal is provided with your costs)
  • We’re sleeping in a hotel!!!
    • No need for pillows, blankets or anything like that.
    • Breakfast is provided at the hotel on Saturday.
  • Saturday
    • We get up and help serve breakfast
    • We pass out food to the community
    • We help clean up
    • We eat Lunch (BRING Money for Lunch)
    • We come home!

That’s about it.

You will be given a shirt to wear for Saturday – everyone has to wear one (it’s included)

We should be back no later than 4 PM (hopefully earlier – we will text on the way home) – PARENTS AND STUDENTS should sign up for the special link on REMIND just for those going on this trip – https://www.remind.com/join/epictrips

See you tomorrow!

Thanks for being willing to serve!

Because of the Cross,