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Thursday Throwdown #3- Jurassic World- 6/18/15

The rain and everyone’s intense desire to see dinosaurs duke it out on the big screen have combined into switching our Thursday Throwdown from going to the zoo to see real animals to going to the theater to see genetically enhanced dinosaurs. We will be attending the 11:15 showing at AMC Chesterfield 14 at the Chesterfield Mall. You can either drive/ be dropped off outside the theater at 11am, or you can sign-up to meet at the building by 1030am to ride over in the van. Pick-up at the theater will be at 130pm, and at the church building at 2pm. Tickets are only $6- we will not eat together as a group afterwards so come with a full belly or with money to buy food at the theater.

Parents: This movie is PG-13. The following website provides specific info as to why it’s rated PG-13, so check it out and make the personal decision as to whether it is appropriate for your child to see it tomorrow. Review Here.  Sign up to go below!


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