Christmas Party

Pizza, Caroling, & a Movie POSTPONED and changed to Pizza, Game Night , & a Movie

As of  this afternoon (10/20/14 @ 1:30 pm ) – we only have 9 people signed up for this event.  It seems that this is a very busy time of year for everyone.  In addition, we have several families who have had the flu and other illnesses.  We will postpone Pizza, Caroling & a Movie to NEXT SUNDAY, December 28, 5-8 PM – but it will now be called Pizza, Game Night, & a Movie.

If you already signed up, I’m sorry, I need you to sign up AGAIN  (We will still vote for a Christmas movie and your vote will count twice).  MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP BY SATURDAY MORNING, December 27.

Bring your favorite board games, etc and we will just hang out together and have fun.  We will still have pizza courtesy of our Volleyball Champions.  We will still watch a Christmas movie (make sure you vote when you sign up).  We will NOT carol but will have a game night.  (We will probably do a large group game to start off or finish up).