Final Poll for new teenEPIC Logo!

Alright!  We have a final 3 to choose from.  We need your help.  Parents get your teen to vote.  There are several things you need to do and know so be sure to read the following .

  1. Only teenEPIC teens & Youth Team members should vote in this one.
  2. Only entries with names (first and last name) will be counted – if you leave the name box blank it will come across as anonymous and not be counted
  3. There are 3 choices.  Make sure you look at all 3 closely.
  4. Please rate all 3 choices in your vote.  5 star is your first choice.  4 star is your 2nd choice.  Rate your 3rd choice 1, 2, or 3.  (if you really don’t like a choice put a 1.  If you can’t decide, make it a 3, etc.)
  5. You need to vote by 1 PM on Monday, June 23.
  6. When considering a logo, think about what it will look like in mono-color (i.e. all white or all black).  Think about what it will look like large (on a screen) or small item(on a shirt pocket).
  7. When considering a logo, don’t get hung up on the colors, those can be changed, just consider the design. (make a comment about color or anything else like that in the comment section of each selection).  Don’t vote solely on the color.
  8. Keep in mind the announcement that 99Designs automatically sends may not be the final count as we may have to eliminate duplicates, etc.

So, let’s get voting!!! – CLICK HERE to vote!

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