Winterfest Update – 2.11.14

Winterfest is almost here!  Please check the original Winterfest Page Announcement for all the details.

Here are a few important Reminders!

  • Parents can follow info concerning the trip in a couple of ways:Twitter – random updates, pictures, etc about the weekend.  It also includes ALL text messages sent on our teenEPIC Text Service.
      • CLICK HERE to “fast follow” on your phone  – @teenepic
      • CLICK HERE to just follow us on the website.
    • teenEPIC Text Service – important updates before AND during the trip and for all teenEPIC happenings – this is where we will give updates on return times and trip home info.
  • Here is the School Letter for excused absences
  • Here is the current Rooming List – this is subject to change
  • If you haven’t updated your Medical Release & Info Form, please bring that Wednesday to Youth Group
  • Be at Lafayette by no later that 5:20 AM WITH your breakfast (give yourself time to stop for breakfast).
    • we are on a tight timetable for getting there in time for the early session so please don’t be the ONE who holds the bus up.
    • Bring snacks and your breakfast with you onto the bus.
    • When you arrive (don’t arrive before 5 AM)
      • PUT YOUR OWN LUGGAGE IN THE CARGO BAY (below the bus)- keep your carry on items – including MEAL MONEY for stops
      • USE the restroom
      • Get in line to get on the bus. (probably inside)Adults will be on the bus first
      • NO SAVING SEATS (if you want to sit with a friend, you must wait for them to arrive to get in line or to get on the bus)
  • We are attending EARLY SESSIONS this year! Sessions start at 9 AM on Sat and 7 AM on Sunday.  You need to get rest the nights before.
  • Electronics — the goal here is to not restrict but to encourage interaction among those on the trip.  It does no good for you to be on the trip with 50 other people if you are calling and texting people at home, or otherwise have your head in a screen and earphones on the whole weekend.
    • Phones are only to be used to check in with parents – this includes texting (all weekend)
    • earphones – can be out the 1st 3 hours of the trip and possibly other times when we have “quiet time” – we will let you know.
      • Yes you can sleep with your music (unless you have explicit music on your device)
    • electronic games (iPods, phones, whatever) can only be played if you are interacting with someone else around you.
    • anyone not sticking to these rules will forfeit all of their electronic devices for the weekend.
  • Reminder of  General Rules
    • The chaperones on this trip have given of their time, energy, and money to help make this trip a success.  You will respect them (even if/especially if that chaperone is your parent)
    • No Guys in Girls rooms and no Girls in Guys rooms.  PERIOD.
    • Nothing illegal should be brought or used (drugs, alcohol, any controlled substance) – this would also include tobacco or any kind of weapon.
      • breaking one of the above rules may lead to you being sent home at your parent’s expense and/or not being allowed to attend future events.