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Bison Days – College Preview

***UPDATE!!!!  (9/30/13)  You must pay Harding for Bison Days by paying with a credit card online.  This means you will only owe $25 to teenEPIC to the Youth group for transportation.

High Schoolers – If you would like to visit Harding University for Bison Days – OCTOBER 24-27,  you can go with the group!  We will leave THURSDAY, October 24 at 4:30 PM from the Lafayette building.  We will return Sunday afternoon around 4 PM (Tentative).  You will have to miss a day of school on Friday – Harding will give you a College Visit Excuse Letter (make sure you ask for it if you need it).

The cost of $70 includes:  Transportation, lodging, all meals in the Harding “Caf” for the weekend, Homecoming Musical, football game and a Bison Days T-shirt.  While on campus, you will have the opportunity to go to classes that you might major in, take a campus tour, stay in a dorm with college (probably Lafayette) students.

You PAY HARDING online when you register and Give Mike a check for $25 ASAP.

While you are on campus you will have the opportunity to:

• Get answers to your questions about financial aid and admissions

• Learn more about our academic programs and facilities

• Meet with faculty and visit their classrooms

• Spend a couple of nights in a residence hall

• Tour campus and learn about Harding’s history

DEPENDING ON ROOM IN THE VAN (we only have 10 spots):  Preference will be given to Juniors and Seniors who sign up by October 2.  Assuming there are spots left on the van, sophomores and freshmen will then be allowed to attend.  (FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES may actually SIGN UP BEFORE OCT 2 – it will be first come, first served for any spots not taken by Juniors or Seniors)

Here’s what you need do to sign up (please read carefully).

  1. Make sure you have a Medical Release and Info Form on file.  (call Mike at 317.796.8720 if you don’t know)
  2. CLICK HERE to sign up for a place in the van. (Sophomores and freshmen, go ahead and sign up but Jrs and Srs will have preference until October 2)
  3. CLICK HERE to sign up for Bison Days at Harding (this is information is for HU – Mike will not see it – DO NOT SIGN UP AND PAY UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A SEAT ON THE VAN OR HAVE YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION)  (Freshmen and Sophomores, please wait until you are guaranteed a spot on the van before you sign up and pay here!!!)
    1. When you are signing up
      1. You attend:  Lafayette Church of Christ
      2. Emergency Contact:  Mike Brown
      3. Emergency Contact RELATION:  Youth Minister
      4. Emergency Contact Phone #: 317.796.8720
      1. When you sign up for housing…
        1. If there is someone in our youth group (not a college student – someone from here going on the trip) who you want to stay with, you can put that name down under “With a member of your group?”
        2. If there is a college student at Harding you want to stay with, you put their name down under “With a current Harding Student?”
          1.  Make sure you ask them first because they may have committed to keep someone else.
        3. If you DO HAVE HAVE A COLLEGE STUDENT in mind – you should put “a Lafayette Church Student” unless you just want to go potluck with any Harding student – then you would check “no”
  4. PACK – What to bring
    • PILLOW & Sleeping Bag (you are sleeping in dorms, probably on the floor)
    • $ for meals on the road (Dinner Thursday, Lunch on Sunday)
    • $ for souvenirs
    • $ if you want to eat out while you are there – your meals are covered to eat in the cafeteria so you don’t really need this.
    • toiletries
    • clothes for each day.
      • Clothes for church on Sunday.