EPIC Youth Group

GNO: Table Tennis Tournament

It’s time for a guy’s night out, and what better to do then have an intense table tennis tournament!

WHO: GUYS–Middle School, High School, Parents, Siblings, anyone!

WHERE: If possible, we would like to have this event at the church building. That means we would need a couple volunteers who have ping pong tables to transport them up to the building. That way we can have multiple matches going on at the same time and can get through the tournament faster so that we might have time for a doubles tournament after! Let Dane know at 314.223.5854 ASAP if you can get your table up to the building.

WHEN: Saturday, July 20 from 6-8:30 p.m.

WHAT TO BRING: Your own paddle if you want, your A game, and SNACKS–chips, dip, candy, soda