Upcoming Class Info

BibleCan you believe March is already HERE!  Wow!

THIS SUNDAY – February 24 there is a congregational meeting but the youth group WILL be having our final combined (MS & HS) Bible Class in the EPICenter at the normal time (if you would like to stay for the congregational meeting, you are welcome to do so).  YES, it’s been crowded but it’s been fun eh?  We will finish out looking at the devastating effect I-itis has on the youth group, the church and the world.  We will talk about the way Christ came to the world to eradicate I-itis.

Our Sunday morning classes will be getting back to normal beginning March 3.

  • After a short hiatus – our Middle School (6th-8th grade) will be back in the Middle School Room where you won’t have a high schooler poking you in the ribs during class because there’s no room left in the EPICenter.  Shawn Stone and Ed Tritschler will be teaching thru May 12 on the book of Matthew  (Sherri Stone and Karen Tritschler are planning on being in there too).   Beginning May 19 our summer interns will take over (more about that later).
  • Our High School will spend March – May going through the book “Not A Fan”.  I strongly encourage our high schoolers to get your own copy and just read 1 chapter each week as we go through the class.  CLICK HERE to get your own on Amazon – or you can give $10 to Mike and he will order it for you!
    • On March 3, Mike will be at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Indianapolis.  Nate Reiser will guest teach the High School that day.

On Wednesday nights, we will continue The Story! 

The plot is getting thicker!  Tonight Israel is in exile and Daniel and his friends remind the world that the LORD is in control!

Bible Classes and Youth Group are vital tools in the Spiritual Formation process of our teens.

Parents – our Sunday Classes and Wednesday Youth Group create the rhythm for what we do in the teenEPIC Student Ministry here at Lafayette.  TWO regular times that we meet each week to pray, fellowship, have fun and look into God’s Word.  We spend that time reminding one another of God’s call in our lives and that he has a purpose so much greater for us than anything we might ever be able to imagine.  Reminding each other that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Encouraging one another to live a life worthy of the calling set before us.

Help us help your teens.  Stay that extra hour on Sunday.  Make an effort to get back out on Wednesday night.  Your teen will have the opportunity to bond with others who are trying to head in the direction of knowing Christ more and has so much to offer the rest of the group when they are present.