BELIEVE – update

logo-believeJust a few things (mostly reminders) about BELIEVE that you need to know if you are going!

***FIRST OF ALL THIS POINT IS NEW!!!  They require their own Medical Release FORM.  You can download the BELIEVE Medical Form for Students, pick one up at Youth Group, or stop by the office (hours are 8 am – 1 pm, Mon-Thurs).  Turn it in to Mike ASAP.

  • Dates:  Feb 8-9
  • Times:  Leave at 5 PM on Friday.  Return by 5:30 PM on Saturday.  (pack lightly – we are only staying 1 night!)
  • Cost includes registration, lodging and breakfast (Bring $ for lunch on Saturday) (eat dinner before you arrive or bring a sack dinner on Friday).  We should be back before dinner on Saturday.
  • Lodging:  We are staying in a hotel Friday night (LaQuinta at 270 & Dorsett)  BREAKFAST will be at the hotel and is included in the cost.
  • Chaperones:  Mike, Lizzy Smith & Michalie Brown

Here’s who is going:  (if you feel your balance indicator is wrong or if you think you should be on the list and are not (or if you would like to sign up late), please contact Mike)


(STILL OWES BALANCE) – see, call, or text me if you need to know the balance – 317.796.8720


Mariana Andrews

Gabe DeSambourg

Brittany Grentz

Rachel Labello

Kaci Noyes

Mary Uebelein

Nathaniel Weaver

Alexandra Wren