EPIC Youth Group

Winterfest Letter

image001If you are going to Winterfest, CLICK HERE to download your school letter.  (There will be some hard copies available in class tomorrow)  Please note:  yes, I’m aware the note says 5 AM -the actual time is 6:15 (see below).

Also – if you do not have a Medical Release & Info Form on file, please bring that by this Wednesday night.

A few reminders:

  • You should have been sent your balance via text tonight.  Please make sure your parents know and bring that tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow (Sunday) you will be able to choose your van to ride in and your  roommates.
  • We have a LONG day of travel on Friday.  Please plan on being at the building NO LATER THAN 6:15 AM.  Please do not be THAT PERSON who holds up the other 39 people in the group.
    • $$ – you will need $ for travel on Friday (BRING YOUR BREAKFAST WITH YOU WE WILL NOT BE STOPPING FOR BREAKFAST) and Sunday as well as Saturday Lunch and Dinner – Breakfast at hotel on Sat and Sun morning. Also souvenirs, snacks, etc.
  • We should be back by around 11 PM on Sunday night.  You can check Twitter (on the right side of the website) or subscribe to our text service.  This is how we will communicate with parents. (You are welcome to text me – 317.796.8720 – or another adult- we will respond as quickly as we can.)  Teens will not have their cell phones much of the traveling time as this is a “Be With Who You’re With” trip – they will have phones much of the day on Saturday.
  • AS USUAL on ALL of our trips – no earphones as a general rule.  We will have a “quiet time” during some of the travel when they can be used but generally you will be asked to put them away.
  • We will hand out a trip sheet Wednesday night at youth group.  It will have trip info and adult phone numbers as well as other trip info.

Looking forward to a GREAT WEEKEND!!!