Talent Show Updates

The talent show is coming up quickly! Come join us for a night of fun on Sunday, August 12th from 6-8:30 p.m and end the summer with a bang! You’ll be seeing some of the impressive and wacky talents that the teenEPIC youth group has to offer including a performance by Luke Uebelein’s band! Also, get ready to be entertained by Lafayette’s one-and-only Kevin Fields who is the emcee for the night! As of right now this talent show is lacking in the field of registered talents. WE NEED YOU TO SIGN UP AND REGISTER YOUR TALENT!! It doesn’t matter how long or short, serious or goofy it is; it just matters that you are participating and actively sharing this memory with your friends! NO IDLE SPECTATORS ALLOWED, EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A TALENT! If you really can’t think of a talent, contact Dane at 314.223.5854 and he’ll help you think of ideas. Click HEREto sign up!

We’d like to have some food and refreshments at this talent show, but it’s up to you! We’re going to call this a good ol’ Church of Christ potluck for the youth group. Bring whatever you’d like: wings, soup, chips, dip, desserts–anything goes!

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