Blue Like Jazz

Reviews for parents to read:

In the recent “Sticky Faith” class we finished in Sr. High, I referenced the book now made into movie “Blue Like Jazz”.  The  movie opens tomorrow (4/13) in a limited number of theaters across the country.  On Sunday, April 22, our Sr. High will go together to see Blue Like Jazz.  We will leave after AM classes, eat lunch in West County Mall Food Court, take in the movie and head back to the EPICenter to discuss the impact of being a Christian in a world that is increasingly hostile toward Christianity.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE:  This movie is not your typical “feel good” Christian movie.  It depicts a college freshman who has lived a sheltered Christian life and his struggle with own his own faith.  It depicts many worldly (realistically) themes that students must deal with as they encounter culture.  THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE please be discerning and do your own homework before allowing your child to attend.  That being said, there are some freshmen and sophomores who should not see this movie and there are some 8th graders who might get something out of it.  8th grade is invited as long as you have cleared it with your parents.

REVIEWS:  Will link to reviews when I find them.  Please feel free to “Comment Below” with reviews

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