LTC Follow up

The following is an article by one of our teenEPIC students and LTC Participant, Dane Roper.

A Matter of Faith

At the heart of Midwest Leadership Training for Christ 2012 was the theme “Journey of Faith”.

The theme revolved around the book of Genesis where God took countless characters on an epic journey filled with twists and turns.

Take Abraham, for example, who was repeatedly told by God that he would be made into a great nation. Then when Abraham was finally given a legitimate son, God asked him to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. Talk about the ultimate test of faith.

Just like Abraham, students were led on a journey to Indianapolis for LTC weekend, April 6-8.

The journey didn’t begin with the packing of bags and roaring of engines, but, rather, students dedicated themselves to months of preparation leading up to the convention.

Whether it was dissecting the book of Genesis to prepare for bible bowl, building arm strength for puppet skits, or tuning for chorus, God was clearing another path in LTC participants’ life journeys.

While memorizing lines for live Christian drama was frustrating at times and the outcome of each group event was less than certain, the unshakable certainty remained that God led LTCers to Indianapolis for a much more eternal purpose.

Throughout all the events of the convention faith was a central message. Faith shone through because the uncertainties that lie in every journey lead back to faith in God’s plan.

The path to Indianapolis wasn’t always an easy one just like the narrow path that leads to heaven has fallen branches and jagged terrain. LTC taught kids of all ages that faith is the most important part of any journey.
–Dane Roper

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