Christian Colleges

Harding Trip

We are taking a college trip to Harding University on March 22-24  You will work with Mark Pruitt to attend classes that may be in a major your decide to pursue.


  • Leave Thursday, March 22 at 1 PM  (eat lunch before you come)
  • Return Saturday, March 24 by 4 PM (at the latest – hopefully much earlier)
  • Bring sleeping bag, pillow, your own towel – you will most likely be sleeping on the floor in dorms
  • Cost $40 + meals. (as many as 6 meals – plan on spending a little more for Friday dinner if we go out – Ponderosa or something like that).  Harding is buying your lunch on Friday.  Some college students are more than happy to let you use a meal on their plan but count on that.
  • $ for souviners, also I mentioned in class – we will go see The Hunger Games Friday night if enough people want to.
  • Everyone has meetings and classes that you will be attending – please keep those appointments.

Sign up is closed….if you decide you want to go…contact Mike at