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Reggie from Lipscomb here tonight!

Tonight Reggie Blair from Lipscomb University will be at Youth Group!  He will share a devo and info about Lipscomb.  Reggie is providing dinner for you too!  Chick-fil-a sandwiches, chips, dessert and drinks – all on Reggie (actually Lipscomb).  You can start showing up about 6:50 for your meal.

I will not be there tonight, I am actually heading to Lipscomb for a youth minister seminar tomorrow.  I expect you all to give Reggie your full attention even if you have no interest in Lipscomb.  I also expect you to share your gratitude with Reggie for the dinner and him being there.  #raisingthebar      Deb Leahy is heading the evening’s activities – THANK YOU DEB!!!

PARENTS – although the meal is just for teens, I am sure Reggie wouldn’t mind if you came to sit in on the presentation or drop by after your adult class is over.