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Winterfest Wrapup!

Thanks to teenEPIC Senior, Dane Roper for contributing the following article about our recent trip to Winterfest…


And so one of the most anticipated weekends for Lafayette youth has come, and passed.

Between the long bus rides, the hilarious skits of Bean and Bailey and Taylor Mason, and free time to roam the streets of Gatlinburgh, a particularly profound message lied at the heart of Winterfest 2012.

The theme revolved around different spiritual disciplines to help assist in living a life for God amongst the chaos of everyday life. The disciplines included prayer, meditation, fasting, study, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship, guidance, and celebration. While this long list of topics may seem a bit heavy and overwhelming, especially for the average teenager, the sessions were uplifting and provided insight into the daily struggles that Christians face.

A powerful time of worship kicked off every session as a church 6,500 members strong lifted their voices in praise to God. An ongoing skit illustrating a girl who is seeking to reach beyond going through the motions of “church” provided a practical application as she sought guidance from her youth minister while encountering unique situations resulting from her changing lifestyle. The skits were followed by the engaging words of charismatic speakers like Rich Little, Jeff Walling, Josh Ross, and Patrick Mead who challenged the audience to take action in the twelve disciplines that will lead to a closer walk with God. Each speaker was followed by poet, David Bowden, who discussed the disciplines in a rhythmic and convicting way.

What can’t be attributed to the Winterfest sessions themselves, however, are the loving relationships and strengthened bonds that were formed. Allowing God to work through Winterfest led to an all around fun time with one another in a group that spent so much time together. Ask anyone who went and they’ll say the time spent with the group was priceless.

And don’t try to catch the teens at 3:16 either. They’ll be lost in meditation every day after they hear their alarms going off from the commitment they made in the discipline of meditation.
–Dane Roper


CLICK HERE for pictures from Winterfest.