EPIC Youth Group

Winterfest is Almost Here – February 17-19

If you’ve had trouble downloading the Medical Release and Info Form TRY THIS – Medical Release and Info Form

School Letter for a “excused absence” letter for your school.

Wow – it’s nearly that time again!  Winterfest is upon us!

It’s time to get your final balances paid up – no later than February 12.  CLICK the link (Registration Info – 1.25.12) to see what you owe.  The number should represent any discounts (for chaperones), calendar sales, credits and deposits.  If your number doesn’t look right, just call or send me an email.  We’ll make sure all your numbers are correct.  If you cannot pay it all or need more time, we can work something out.

IMPORTANT:  With it being a new year, we need to renew everyone’s Medical Release and Information Form.  If you haven’t filled one out in the last couple of months, please Download and fill out.  It is important that we have a new one on file for each child.  EVEN IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT GOING TO WINTERFEST, it will help if you will go ahead and fill one out.

Information you need to know about Winterfest:

  • You only need a couple changes of clothes
  • Money for as many as 9 meals (you can bring your own food and use microwaves and fridges in the condos to save $) – all of our stops on the bus will be for fast food.
  • We will begin packing the bus at 5:30 AM and leave soon after.
  • We will return by approximately 9 PM Sunday Night.
  • Everyone will have a piece of a bed…you may want to bring a sleeping bag if you don’t want to be in a King size bed with 2 other people 🙂